February 17, 2012

Sony PlayStation Vita launch titles review roundup

The PlayStation Vita has arrived on North American shores! Sorta. The Vita is available in the U.S., but only one model is currently available for purchase. The First Edition Bundle contains the 3G/Wi-Fi model, a 4GB memory card, a protective case, and includes the game Little Deviants. It’ll set you back $349.99, and is available now. There are also a handful of titles available online for download.

If you are interested in the Wi-Fi only version though, or just don’t want the current bundle for whatever reason, the Vita will officially hit stores on February 22, along with the majority of launch title releases. Some will be released over the next month, as part of what Sony has called the Vita “launch window.”
So instead of wandering around the Internet all willy-nilly looking at each game review, then spending whole seconds—maybe even MINUTES—looking for more Vita title reviews, we have put all our reviews together in one handy place. Enjoy.


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