September 07, 2011

BMW's Latest Ultra-bright Laser Headlights

BMW i8 Concept with BMW Laserlight
BMW has announced that it has been actively testing the laser lights to replace the LED bulbs, is currently in use. The German manufacturer of luxury cars, says that the lasers are, of course, "the next logical step," the development of lighthouses, and reported the ability to shine up to 1000 times brighter than the LEDs.

According to the press release, BMW believes that laser technology could pave the way for "all the functions of the new lighting for safety and comfort, while contributing significantly due to its high efficiency for energy savings and fuel, respectively. "

Now, if you are one of the drivers a lot of people still use traditional lights (pre-LED), then you are probably thinking, "Well, now I'll be even fatter when one of these new cars on a disk laser corner. "No, says BMW.

"The intensity of the laser light does not pose any risk to humans, pets or wildlife when used for illumination of the car," the statement said. "Among other things, this is because the light is not directly accessible, but the first to be converted into a format suitable for use in traffic. The resulting light is very bright and white. It 'also very pleasing to the eyes and has a very low power consumption. "

We hope that "very pleasing to the eye" part is more apparent than "very bright and white" part, because if you ask us, the LED's are already much too bright and the new laser light has the potential to be exponentially brighter. In other words, they "do not pose potential risks to humans" bit sounds hard to believe.

Fortunately, BMW says the new generation of headlights is still "a few years," going into production. The first vehicle, which sports a laser beam is not known to be a consumer version of their concept cars I8, you can check here.


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