September 07, 2011

Windows 8 will be able to run Windows Phone apps

Director of Nvidia claims that Windows 8 will be able to run applications Windows Mobile 7. We examine the implications, if this is true.

If this rumor is not true, we would like Microsoft to file as "do". Speaking to reporters, says NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, believes that Windows Mobile 7 will be able to run on Windows 8, Microsoft next Tablet PC operating system. The prediction came with a host of other statements made by the outspoken CEO, according to CNET.

The fact that Microsoft has not yet announced this capability, it is true, in fact, is confusing because it would certainly be a boon for application development Windows 7 Phone, which is painfully moving at a good pace despite WP7 sales languishing retail devices. Windows Phone market over 30,000 applications a week ago.

The new Microsoft is not also mean giving up that WP7 Silverlight applications are developed using Silverlight and XNA. Previously, Microsoft said the new HTML5 based applications contact. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft has a Google-scale approach allows developers to create applications that run differently when the resolution of larger aircraft. As noted earlier, Phone Windows applications naturally lend themselves to small scale. If so, developers target Windows 8 and easy to reduce their efforts as well? We hope so.

The more Microsoft possible cooperation between their platforms to make the best. Both Windows 8 and Windows Phone face opposition from hard and needs strong support of the application and varied. We imagine Microsoft is aware of this reality, even if some of the recent decisions of the design team who have doubts about the direction of the new OS. However, if Microsoft does not do that, then someone else will. Phones and desktop computers are about to merge.


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