September 05, 2012

iPhone 5 cases appear in AT&T’s internal system

Just a bit over a week away from the official iPhone 5 announcement, photos of cases accompanying the device are already appearing on AT&T

Ahead of the September 12 announcement of the Apple’s iPhone 5, Boy Genius Report has posted a few photos of what looks to be the latest cases for the upcoming device. Jonathan S. Gelle writes that the site’s AT&T source sent over images that were found in AT&T’s internal system — showing off an approximate
dimension of the new iPhone and its accompanying screen protector.
If the images are an accurate depiction of the iPhone 5, then all the rumored reports and leaked images of the new device are relatively point-on: The phone features a slimmer, longer body and in comparison to a mock-up credit card, the screen is just a tad wider than the plastic. The front-facing camera is also located dead center of the device rather than the iPhone 4′s slight shift to the side.

There have been a few rumored iPhone 5 cases spotted in the past, but coming from AT&T internal system seems more credible than previous photos. While this is no confirmation for the specs that we’ve previously reported, it’s a good indication of what’s to come in the physical sense — and as a case reviewer myself, I’m already liking the wallet-like design available for the iPhone 5. Snoopy… is still a bit questionable. Check out these photos below, thanks to BGR.


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